Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs of your company


Opportunity Evaluation

A country-by-country evaluation of your company's opportunities can be conducted by T.N.C. Based on your products and services, we can identify which markets will provide you with opportunities and which won't.

Your company will receive accurate market intelligence resulting from the analysis of up-to-date data, so it can formulate a winning growth strategy.

To ensure that you receive the right information and opinions to make the correct strategic decisions, we have an extensive network of local providers.


Operational Execution

Business is usually transacted in emerging markets after strong relationships have been established. In emerging markets, the relationship usually precedes the business.


This is invaluable to your company if you are prepared to open their rolodex. You will be amazed at how quickly you can establish a high-performance and trusted relationship with key players in target countries.

You have found the right consultancy if you need to obtain funding, find partners, and/or break into the desired market at an accelerated pace.



For companies who want to operate satellites globally, T.N.C can provide a representative office.


As a result, you can establish a foothold in your chosen market(s) and grow revenues quickly. You can have T.N.C represent your company in Europe on a limited or full-time basis - we dedicate resources to meet your needs.


Business development projects are handled by local experts and support staff. We can act as your local satellite office with a local office address, phone lines and email addresses.



T.N.C will guide you through the international strategic planning process - including how to develop the financial and skills required for the Senior Management Team.


Developing an international strategy requires forming a unified strategy that ties all parts of the company together.


Business Development

T.N.C understands the relevant market factors because each member of our team has lived and worked in a global market.


We are strong at communicating your company’s value proposition in local terms.

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